Versatile Rooftop Support

About Pipe Pier®

For more than two decades, Pipe Pier has developed and manufactured the best in rooftop support systems.

When the first Pipe Pier supports (aka rooftop sleepers) came onto the market, most contractors still used wood blocks or even concrete bricks to support the piping, conduit and equipment. We changed all that.

Beginning with the original PP50H4 and PP50H6 CLASSIC SERIES, we made the job of protecting your expensive rooftops easier and more cost effective. Thousands of mechanical and electrical contractors, engineers and wholesalers trust Pipe Pier to protect both their rooftops and their bottom lines.

Today, we are pleased to offer the all-new ATLAS All-In-One rooftop support blocks, a first of its kind reconfigurable, modular system that uses the same base to accommodate everything from small pipe/conduit to large, heavy pipe assemblies, ducting, equipment and more.

Visit our distributor page to see how you can get the new ATLAS in your area.

Quarter View of Atlas All-In-One Roof Pipe Supports - Rooftop Support Blocks
Protect your rooftop mechanical equipment with Pipe Pier Rooftop Support Blocks