Versatile Rooftop Support

Atlas All-In-One

When our customers ask for something different, we deliver. The last few years have been challenging for everyone: contractors, distributors and manufacturers alike. The fragility of our systems has become quite obvious and we need to rethink how we work.

We have to be smarter about inventories and more responsive when it comes to being able to tackle a wide variety of projects. In this environment, narrowly-focused, project-specific products are becoming less and less desirable.

Atlas Roof Pipe Support
Atlas All-In-One Rooftop Pipe Supports

That’s why we are excited to present the ATLAS All-In-One. Designed from the ground up to be unbelievably strong, uniquely versatile and extremely cost-effective, the Atlas quite literally is the last support system you will ever need.

Rooftop Pipe Supports

A wide base and large footprint can easily accommodate pipe sizes up to 6 inches on a single support. This will be the most common application, naturally.

But when there is something out of the ordinary, that’s where Atlas really shines. Large pipe? Multiple pipe sizes? Equipment? No problem. Use the innovative bi-directional strut channels to quickly and easily gang multiple base units together to create a nearly infinite number of combinations.

  • Extremely adaptable for virtually any rooftop support project: from gas, water or condensate piping, electrical conduit and even heavy equipment
  • Integrated, bi-directional strut channels allow multiple base units to be securely combined to accommodate larger pipes, multiple runs, ductwork and equipment
  • A wide base and large footprint better distribute weight and provide solid protection for any roof surface
  • Made of weatherproof polycarbonate for high performance and longevity in harsh environments


Maximum Capacity2850 lbs
Rooftop Working Load (calculated at 5 psi)315 lbs
Width (base)6"
Weight2 lbs, 6 oz
Packaging6 units / box
Pallet Quantity288
Part #PPA-001
Included strut1 5/8" x 13/16" x 10" 14 ga Galvanized
Installation InstructionsView PDF
Pipe Load Calculation / SpacingView PDF
Conduit Load Calculation / SpacingView PDF

NOTE: Please consult roofing manufacturer or project engineer for maximum allowable rooftop load.

Need additional roof protection, vibration isolation or wind resistance? Check out the Atlas All-In-One custom boot.

Side View of Atlas All-In-One Roof Pipe Supports
Side View of Atlas All-In-One Roof Pipe Supports

Quarter View of Atlas All-In-One Roof Pipe Supports
Quarter View of Atlas All-In-One Rooftop Pipe Supports